Kelley T. Woods has operated a successful private practice in Washington State since 2002, specializing in helping clients who have chronic issues. She is a co-founder of HOPE Coaching, using Mindful Hypnosis strategies to equip people with self-directed approaches for creating self-regulation and recovery.

Living Hypnotically with Kelley T. Woods

In this 4-hour presentation, Kelley will facilitate a workshop that will elevate your ability to not only become even more effective with your hypnosis clients, it will enhance your everyday living experience! Imagine suspending disbelief as you join her in learning how to:

  • Go There First
  • Model a Growth Mindset for Others
  • Use Selective Attention to Foster Helpful Relationships
  • Cultivate and Utilize Your Own Creative Energies
  • Learn to Flex and Grow with Your Clients
  • Banish Imposter Syndrome
  • Use Laughter and Provocative Approaches Effectively
  • Make Techniques “Your Own”