For over a decade, Steve Roehm has been changing the lives of hypnosis practitioners and others around the world. Steve wears many hats, but all of his services are aimed at improving people’s lives. He does this through direct connections with clients and by helping other practitioners improve their techniques and abilities, increasing the reach of his work into communities he might never be able to serve directly.

Through teaching and sharing from his extensive toolbox of life coaching, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, specialized rapid-change techniques and other modalities, Steve teaches you how to empower yourself and your clients to become forces for positive changes at an individual and global level. As part of his goal of guiding people to achieve the positive changes they want, Steve works to grow an international network of Certified Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists.

Subtle Communication – the importance of unconscious communication in conversational changework.

Have you ever noticed some people just have a knack for connecting and building rapport?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and all of a sudden found yourself owning something new you didn’t expect to buy?

Have you ever wished you could know the real secrets of master communicators?

The answer is Subtle Communication.

The way you communicate with your clients, friends and colleagues is greatly influenced by the subtle cues your unconscious mind is always presenting. By learning to control your communication, you control the situation.

Steve has been practicing and teaching Conversational Hypnosis for over 12 years and has seen thousands of clients.

Conversational changework is a natural way to connect with your clients on their level, meet them where they are and guide them to create lasting change without ever using a script.

Subtle Communication is the secret to Steve’s success as a Conversational Hypnotist.

Learning what to say in a conversation is important. Learning how to convey your meaning in a way which really has an impact on your client is the secret sauce.

It is the Subtle Communication skills that allow you to truly master deep-level communication.

In this four hour workshop, Steve will reveal the mystery of subtle transformation skills.

You will have a better understanding of how to use your voice as a vehicle to profound insights and shifts for your clients.

You will discover hidden influencers in conversation and learn how to use them in a way which will affect the outcome of almost every connection you have in and out of the office.

You will walk away with a new perspective on how to really help people open to resources they didn’t know they have.

You don’t need to be a master level hypnotist to learn Subtle Communication, you just have to be curious, open and ready to apply your skills in this fun and fast-paced workshop.

You will have an opportunity to try out your new skills on each other before you leave the room.

Warning: Please only attend this workshop if you plan to use these skills to benefit people. Subtle Communication skills are extremely powerful and you must promise to only use your new skills for good.